BERTIN IT announced today their appointment of Cyber Intelligence specialists LYME Cyber Security as  their exclusive representatives in Australia and Oceania.

This means that from the 1st of March 2020 all products developed by BERTIN IT will be available through LYME. This includes :-


 BERTIN IT CEO Mr Yves Rochereau said: “We are delighted to be joining with LYME Cyber Security in offering the services of BERTIN IT”.

“BERTIN IT’s formidable talent as an innovator, it’s work for some prestigious businesses and its relationship of trust with the French government, based on its world-leading software solutions and services, are promising indicators for the company’s strong growth in all cyber-related markets.”

“I look forward to accelerating and expanding that development with LYME” he added.

“We have been looking for the right candidate to represent our products in this expanding region and we are tremendously pleased to find mutual interests with LYME Cyber Security. We already support many French and European corporations  and want to extend that support to the Australian and Oceania regions.”

LYME Director Mr Garry Ellis said it was only after the culmination of detailed joint research and evaluation that the relationship with BertinIT was agreed to.

“As the leading European developer of these systems, they are well placed to help us enhance the resilience of government and corporations in this region” he said.

“We realise that this is a very challenging time for any government agency and many corporations as Cyber Crime is on the increase and data flow is reaching tsunami proportions. We know the offerings from BertinIT will be of great importance”.

“We know our team and many of our clients feel strongly about maintaining the integrity of their services,” Mr Ellis said. ”We will be working very hard to support them with the services from BERTIN IT”.



Part of the CNIM Group, Bertin IT is a provider of software solutions ensuring information systems security and the advanced processing of digital and voice data.

With more than 15 years’ collaboration with the French Ministry of Defense on the compartmentalizing of classified information and Open Source Intelligence, Bertin IT offers a unique range of cyber security solutions and intelligence, from the defense-in-depth of sensitive information systems to the anticipation of threats and the detection of data leaks and fraudulent activity. Its cyber intelligence platforms are used by numerous government agencies and large companies. Through its cyber threat intelligence offering, Bertin IT places its expert analysts and investigation platforms at the service of major public and private sector clients to assess their level of exposure to cyber risks and identify any potential threats.

Bertin IT is also a key player in digital intelligence and automatic speech processing technologies. The company’s AMI Enterprise Intelligence platform has more than 150 clients in the fields of Defense, Energy, Telecoms and Transport as well as in the Nuclear Industry. Through its leading multilingual speech transcription engine, MediaSpeech, Bertin IT is present in media monitoring, banking compliance and customer intelligence.

Based in Montigny, near Paris, Bertin IT has 120 employees, nearly half of whom work in R&D, in France, the UK and Germany.

About LYME Cyber Security:-

LYME Cyber Security (Lyme Pty Ltd) is the exclusive agent in Australia and Oceania for products from BertinIT (a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies (Groupe CNIM) of France). It is a privately-owned company with activities in Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence.

It has services in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), World Wide Web Intelligence (WEBINT) and the Dark Web Intelligence (DARKINT).

It is also the developer of the SITREPdashâ service for customised information reports and analysis from a high range of sources.         Ph:- +61 418 232072